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E. M. Gilliam Memorial Public Library

Children's Policies

The Wilmer Library welcomes children to use facilities and services. The responsibility for the behavior of children in the library, and also the choice of materials checked out by children rests with the parent, guardian, or assigned chaperone NOT with library personnel.  While in the library, children are expected to respect the rights of others by using the library in a responsible way.  For safety reasons, children should not run in the library.  Children are subject to the same rules of behavior as other patrons and consequences, including being asked to leave the library.  If it is unsafe for a child to leave the building without an adult, he/she should NOT be at the library unattended.  If there are behavior problems, children will have to call their parents to come get them.  If a parent or guardian cannot be located, library staff may contact the Wilmer Police Station. 

 The library does not have facilities or staffing to provide childcare and childcare is NOT the library’s role.  Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety, comfort, and behavior of their children while in the library.  Please make sure you and your family abides by the following rules for age limits: 

  1. Children Under 10 Years:  MUST have a parent or caregiver (14 years or older) within sight and close conversational distance of the child.  Parent or guardian must have current emergency contact information on file.  Patrons age 8 or older must have a working knowledge of computers.  Children under the age of 8 MUST be assisted by an adult, other than a library staff member, at all times.
  2. Children 10 – 14 Years:  May use the library unattended.  Child must be mature enough to follow library rules and observe proper conduct. 
  3. Children over the age of 14 Years:  May use the library without direct adult supervision. Child must have current emergency information on file.  Teenagers are treated as adult users. However, they are still the legal responsibility of their parent and should have emergency contact on file.

Library staff will attempt to notify the guardian when:  

  • Closing due to inclement weather, power outage, etc.
  • The child’s behavior disturbs other users of the library.
  • There is cause to believe that the child’s safety is in danger.